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  • KVAF Intelligent Metal Variable Area Flowmeter KVAF Intelligent Metal Variable Area Flowmeter Variable Area
    KVAF intelligent metal variable area flowmeter has local display type and intelligent remote type. Intelligent remote type provides customers with very flexible options such as pointer display, LCD display for instantaneous flowrate or total flow, standard two-wire 4~20mA current output, HART communication, etc. Besides, the meter adopts advanced microprocessor and high-quality industrial components to ensure superior performance in various applications.

  • KUF Serial Intelligent Ultrasonic Flowmeter KUF Serial Intelligent Ultrasonic Flowmeter Ultrasonic
    Time different type ultrasonic flowmeter most applicable to measuring clean liquid, can’t measure suspended particulate and the liquid that bubble over a specific range

  • GL Flow LX Liquid Bi-Directional Turbine Flowmeters GL Flow LX Liquid Bi-Directional Turbine Flowmeters Turbine
    The LX range of bi-directional Turbine Flowmeters meets the demand of most liquid measurement applications.They basically comprise of three-component assembly, fitted inside a stainless steel body (locked with retaining rings), which has a magnetic pick-up. The meters are available in threaded, flanged, wafer (designed for between flange installations) or Tri -Clamp (for Dairy, Brewery, Pharmaceutical and Food processing industries) connections.

  • MICROSTREAM Sensor OF-ZAT / OF-ZZT MICROSTREAM Sensor OF-ZAT / OF-ZZT Positive Displacement
    The accuracy you demand at a price you could afford : Costs less than previous flow-rate sensors due to the use of a molded body of engineering plastics, but still provides the accuracy you demand.

  • KTLDE Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter KTLDE Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter Electromagnetic
    Electromagnetic flowmeter is to measure volumetric flowrate. Measuring flowrate is not affected by density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity of fluid. Induced voltage signal of transducer is linear with average flow velocity, measuring accuracy is high.

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