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  • Diaphragm Seals Diaphragm Seals Pressure Gauges with Diaphragm Seal
    Diaphragm Seals Food / Hygiene Series

    Diaphragm seals are designed to protect the pressure gauge when dealing with hot, aggressive, solidifying or hygienic media, insuring accurate and trouble free pressure indication. Typical applications will be the food and beverage, chemical and slurry industries or any other application where the pressure media will obstruct or corrode the pressure system.

  • Pressure Gauge Pressure Gauge General Purpose Pressure Gauges
    Pressure Measurement Industrial Use - General Purpose

    Service Intended Suitable for media such as air, water, oil & gases that do not attack copper alloy or stainless steel parts or will obstruct the pressure system. Typical applications will be in the hydraulic, pneumatic, refrigeration, steam, chemical and food and beverage industry.

  • Thermometer Thermometer Thermometer
    Temperature Measurement Thermometer

    Service Intended Suitable for media such as air, water, oil, gas, and chemicals that will not attack stainless steel 316. Typical applications will be in a general industrial heating, air- conditioning, food, petroleum, and chemical industry.

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